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Minnesotans know how to enjoy themselves when on or around one of our plentiful 10,000 lakes. Spend more time making memories on the water with your family & friends, easy install & removal with our aluminum roll-in docks & lifts. Quality safe products, such as stable docks and reliable boat lifts enhance summers best experiences. At Roadway sport-N-Trailer we carry only those names known for the best quality, durability and reliability in the industry. It just so happens that those names are also based out of the great state of Minnesota - Ridgeline and others.

Our staff would be glad to go over your boat lift options, to best match your current and future needs. We can point out the benefits and potential downfalls in any product you may be looking to purchase. In the end we will assist you in selecting the right fit for your boat and personal water craft needs.

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Ridgeline boatlifts are designed to accommodate the needs of today’s boater not yesterday’s. Ridgeline boatlifts are produced using materials that will not break down by the atmosphere around them. We all know that aluminum will not rust and is a lighter alternative for install and removal (that is a given). Some brands will flatter you with fancy words like all stainless steel hardware (that appears to be a value) but research studies show us that two different metals put together will create a galvanic process called electrolyses and will break down the aluminum within time. This is why Ridgeline utilizes a process called RIE coating, which is Teflon applied to all the hardware (which is used in the automobile, stern drives and cattle trailer industries). The aluminum and RIE hardware will allow a lifetime of smooth operation and prevent the galvanic process. Ridgeline does not hold back on any model size for smooth operation, all pivot bushings and pulleys use cast nylon that is more forgiving to cable wear and will lubricate itself for smoother operation, other brands use aluminum pulleys with brass sheave bushings. Our experience has been that these pulleys will wear the cable faster and that the brass bushing will need to be replaced periodically for the lift to function for a long period of time. Today’s trends show people are purchasing larger boats and require larger capacity boatlifts, to accommodate this trend, most brands are adding extra material to increase the strength of their product. Ridgeline utilizes heat-treated aluminum extrusions that provide beam strength for the capacity that is needed. This not only makes our lifts stronger but also improves the fit and finish. Ridgeline also makes it easier to attach most accessories onto your lift capacity 3500 and larger, with the exclusive full-length channel and a simple nut and bolt. All other brands utilize cumbersome attachment brackets that are difficult to assemble and add to the cost of their product. The most important of all is that all brands say they are the best and they should but really what are they doing to convince you, the buyer? Ridgeline simply has the proof in how we build our product. Ridgeline has raised the bar with a LIFETIME WARRANTY on structure and workmanship. (Please see full warranty) When purchasing your next boatlift, please consider Ridgeline. We are doing what it takes to earn your business!
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